Richard Denner


Head-on on Irwin Road, near Emerisa Gardens,
found an amethyst,
                 fractured, peered in, saw Tara

I know just enough to know
                 I know enough to know
                                 I just don’t know

“I’ll only comment,
       ‘I’ll let this go without comment.’”

Moving to the ghost dance
moving to drum and wind
midnight visages under a Shinto moon
                 Zephyr rustling the buffalo grass
my tent covered with tarantula-sized spiders

Says the Medicine Man,
         “Let me see one. I’ve heard about those.”

Heideggerian questions:
             how to breathe? how to fuck? how to know?

I count seven dancers, the first day
                  22 on the last day, counting the helpers
the Medicine Man pierced for two women with cancer
pierced deep— broke the harness and the pin
tied up again and had to be tackled to break free
thanked the women, then dressed up as a clown
        danced backwards spurting water
danced around every dancer, teasing

“What do you think of the teasing round?”
“Not much, by that time I’m there,
I’m not much tempted to drink.
You know it’ll soon be over.
The clown is a nuisance,
more a spectacle for the audience.
Still, that guy could sure dance.”

Tantra and Sundance
        once you’ve committed, you’re hooked,
a one-way trip, you’re a snake in a bamboo tube

Jampa: “After doing a bhumi of guru mantra
my Lama has become my super-ego
traded up from a hodgepodge to clear light
I think of him, and I think of a mother hen
with her chicks in a giant oak’s shade
Quantum physics is @ probabilities
        have to think real small

The world of waves & particles
         the rock Dr. Johnson kicked
                  strolling arm in arm w/Lord Berkeley
“Refute that!”
Boswell witnessed

Apollo and Dionysus take snapshots of Gaia on a recliner
this odalisque uncurses my curses
         sets me to rise to an apotheosis

Adzom checks the spot on the top of my head
where the kasalla grass was inserted during the powa ritual
I tell him my mother says she doesn’t want a special ceremony
when she dies, just a closed coffin and a simple burial
Adzom asks,
        "Who you gonna listen to, your mother or the dharma?"

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