Your Golf Buddies Favorite Rounds and Personal Bests
I don't know about you guys and gals, but one thing about golf is certain for me. When it comes to what I revere most about this eternally gratifying and infinitely mysterious game, more than anything the super-satisfying, seemingly "heroic" rounds and experiences take center stage. You know -- the sentimental and the breakthrough rounds played on favorite old, perpetually challenging courses, especially the rounds played with, and "against," dear friends and playing partners and competitors and rivals.

It's memories of these kinds of days and rounds that sustain us and keep us coming back for more. Oh, we also play golf just to get outside and take in some fresh air and have a nice "walk in the park." And we want to be with our dear friends, who mirror back to us our deepest pleaures and authenticity. But when everything awe-inspiring about the game of golf is said and done, isn't it the Golf Memories of peak experiences, the magic days of personal "glory" and "ecstasy" (and "agony," too), that we seek and treasure above all else?

That's what Your Golf Buddies Favorite Rounds and Personal Bests is all about: Getting these most unforgettable and treasured golf experiences, accomplishments, pleasures, and memories down on paper, albeit electronic paper, so that we can go back and recall the genuine triumphs we had, details and experiences worthy of recalling when our memories need refreshing and we wish to go over some of our fondest golf moments.

Your Golf Buddies Favorite Rounds and Personal Bests
One big problem with "memory," though, is that a lot of the neat details of such spectacular and unique golf experiences fade over the years. We simply forget. Even if we keep some of the scorecards, we forget the names of old golf buddies or great competitors who filled out our foursomes that day. We forget the gorgeous shot our rival hit on #14 to get home in two on the tough par 5 or how exactly we managed a 3 on the 216 yard par 3 7th hole -- had we hit the green in regulation or did we get up and down from the trap or was that some other time we played the hole?

In brief, over time, we tend to forget the most exhilarating thrills of our devoted golf lives. Heck, make that "just plain lives." Isn't golf just "a metaphor for Life" with most all of us serious, passionate, lifelong golfers?

Hence, Your Golf Buddies Favorite Rounds and Personal Bests. That's our reason for being. A place to get these experiences down on paper in all their glory and detail before the memories that gave us such sweet, permanent, unalterable meaning and fulfillment fade.

Well, "electronic paper," that is. Your Golf Buddies Favorite Rounds and Personal Bests is dedicated to preserving our most memorable and meaningful golf rounds, recording them for our lifetimes and even posterity. We can show these to our grandchildren. Strangers, too. These experiences are, after all, uniquely inspiring. They're one of a kind and irreproducible.


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